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  • Scott Barry Kaufman, New York University
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  • Keith R Laws, University of Hertfordshire
  • Frank Padberg, Psychiatric Clinic of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University

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    Psychosocial support following stroke

    A feasibility study provides support for a dialogue-based nursing intervention aimed at promoting psychosocial health and wellbeing in stroke survivors.

    BMC Psychology 2014, 2:4
  • The Resilience Scale revamped

    The reliability of the Resilience Scale is assessed and a new shorter version is developed and validated for use in an elderly population, supporting the continued use of these instruments to measure ability of to cope with change and misfortune.

    BMC Psychology 2013, 1:25
  • Image attributed to: D Sharon Pruitt, Flikr, CC

    Sucrose sweetens self-control

    Following a pair of intensive self-control tasks, swishing a sucrose solution seems to improve performance in a subsequent working memory test, questioning the validity of the ego-depletion theory. 

    BMC Psychology 2013, 1:22
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    Who is better at multitasking?

    Women appear to outperform men in a task-switching computer game and a 'pencil and pen' multitasking test, suggesting that they really do have the advantage when it comes to multitasking ability. 

    BMC Psychology 2013, 1:18


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Scott Barry Kaufman

Scott Barry Kaufman

Scott Barry Kaufman is currently Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at New York University. Dr. Kaufman is one of the world's foremost experts on the development of intelligence, creativity, and personality in education, business, and society. He applies a variety of perspectives to come to a richer understanding and appreciation of all kinds of minds and ways of achieving greatness. He holds a doctorate from Yale University and a Masters degree from Cambridge University, where he was a Gates Cambridge Scholar. In addition to co-editing the well-regarded The Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence (Cambridge University Press, 2011), Dr. Kaufman is author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined, forthcoming from Basic Books. He is also co-founder of The Creativity Post, a non-profit web platform that features quality content on creativity, innovation and imagination, and author of the blog Beautiful Minds for Psychology Today.

"BMC Psychology is an important new outlet for high quality research studies across a broad range of sub disciplines within psychology. The combination of high standards and open access make this journal part of the wave of the future. I expect this journal will be a valuable resource for psychologists and will stimulate new interdisciplinary collaborations and theories."

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