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The BMC-series journals

The BMC series is a collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed journals covering all scientific and clinical disciplines, focusing on the needs of the research communities which they serve.

The BMC series:

  • Offers an efficient and fair peer review service
  • Provides a home for all publishable research within the series
  • Innovates in approaches to peer review and publication
  • Promotes transparency and open research
  • Partners with our authors, editors and reviewers to make scientific knowledge widely available

Publish with the BMC series to make connections across the research community.

The journals

The subject-specific journals

Most of the journals in the BMC series focus on a subject or discipline, such as BMC Evolutionary Biology or BMC Public Health. The full list of the 65 subject journals currently in the series can be found below. Each journal has a professional Editor who is the main point of contact and has overall editorial responsibility for the journal, working closely with a group of senior academics, the Section Editors.

The BMC-series subject-specific journals do not make editorial decisions on the basis of the interest of a study or its likely impact. Studies must be scientifically valid; for research articles this includes a scientifically sound research question, the use of suitable methods and analysis, and following community-agreed standards relevant to the research field. Specific criteria for other article types can be found in the submission guidelines.

The flagships

BMC Biology and BMC Medicine are highly selective journals, publishing articles of special importance and broad interest. Their editorial threshold and structure are different from the other journals in the series and they are run by separate editorial teams. The Chief Editor for each journal, found on the ‘Editorial Team’ page, has overall responsibility for the journal. Contact details can be found on each journal site.

BMC Research Notes

BMC Research Notes publishes scientifically valid research outputs that cannot be considered as full research or methodology articles. The journal supports the research community across all scientific and clinical disciplines by providing an open access forum for sharing data and useful information; this includes, but is not limited to, updates to previous work, additions to established methods, short publications, null results, case series, research proposals and data management plans. BMC Research Notes is overseen by a professional Editor.

BMC Proceedings

BMC Proceedings publishes proceedings of conferences, including peer-reviewed full-length articles, collections of meeting abstracts and meeting reports across all scientific and clinical disciplines. Each collection is published as a supplement and is handled by a Supplement Editor, in line with the standards required for the BMC series. Oversight for the journal is provided by a professional Editor.

The people

Editors and Editorial Boards on the subject-specific journals

Each of the subject-specific journals in the BMC series has a professional Editor employed by BioMed Central. The Editors all have scientific backgrounds, most with PhD and post-doc experience. To find the Editor of a journal, please see the journal homepage.

The Editors work closely with academics across the research community. Each journal is divided into subject sections with one or more Section Editors, senior academics, overseeing each section and supporting the development of the journals. The Editors work with teams of academic Associate Editors on peer-review and editorial decision making.

New Content ItemDr Louisa Flintoft – Executive Editor, BMC in-house journals

Louisa has editorial responsibility for the in-house editorial teams at BMC, including the BMC series and the flagship journals (which include Genome Biology and Genome Medicine, as well as BMC Biology and BMC Medicine). She joined BMC in 2014.

Previously, Louisa was Chief Editor of Genome Biology for three years and Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Genetics for five years. She has a PhD in Genetics from Imperial College, London, and carried out postdoctoral research at King’s College, London.

If you have a concern or question which cannot be resolved with the individual journal Editor or which is about the BMC series as a whole, then please do contact Louisa.

Reviewer discount

If you review for a journal in the BMC series then you are entitled to a 15% discount on the article processing charge for your next submission to the BMC series. This discount must be claimed within 1 year of completing your review and discounts cannot be combined.

The subject-specific journals in the BMC series



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