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    Antibiotic underdosing in neonates

    In neonates treated with vancomycin for a gram-positive infection, almost half showed a sub-therapeutic intial response suggesting the lower limit of vancomycins therapeutic range should be modified for neonates.

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:193
  • Filtered-sunlight for phototherapy

    Mothers in a resource limited setting express a high degree of satisfaction with using filtered sunlight rather than artificially generated blue-light for treating neonatal jaundice

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:180
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    Eating together is healthier

    Even in families from low socio-economic backgrounds, eating dinner as a family is associated with a lower incidence of children being overweight or obese

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:167
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    BMI doesn't predict Celiac disease

    While at the population level children with Celiac disease have a lower BMI than healthy children, an individuals growth parameters are not reliable in diagnosing the condition.

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:165
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    Capnography in the NICU

    Measuring the exhaled carbon dioxide in non-intubated neonates can be used for continuous, non-invasive monitoring of ventillatory status in the NICU.

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:163
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