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    Neonatal jaundice in Vietnam

    There is a severe lack of education, and a high level of false beliefs about neonatal jaundice in Vietnam, highlighting the need for a parent education scheme.

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:264
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    Computerized Wheeze Analysis

    Using a computerized lung wheeze detection and analysis system in neonates can be feasible, reliable and objective.

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:257
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    Detection of neonatal septicaemia

    Combining levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) with white blood cell counts could provide a means of early neonatal septicaemia detection in resource poor setting where blood culture may not be available.

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:248
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    Parents views of NICU care

    Providing information, support and increased involvement contributes positively to parents satisfaction with their baby's neonatal intensive care unit stay and treatment

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:230
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    Antibiotic underdosing in neonates

    In neonates treated with vancomycin for a gram-positive infection, almost half showed a sub-therapeutic intial response suggesting the lower limit of vancomycins therapeutic range should be modified for neonates.

    BMC Pediatrics 2014, 14:193
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