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  • Flickr; Ken Doerr

    Estimating malaria burden

    Robert Snow

    Malaria continues to present significant health burden in Africa, but there is still controversy in how to estimate this; here Robert Snow argues that statistical measures should be used to assess the burden and inform control strategies.

  • istock

    E-cigarettes: health concerns

    Charlotta Pisinger

    Charlotta Pisinger argues that electronic cigarettes are not safe due to health concerns with propylene glycol and their use spreading to non-smokers, concluding that it is questionable whether the benefits of electronic cigarettes outweigh the harms.

  • istock

    E-cigarettes: potential benefits

    Peter Hajek

    The use of electronic cigarettes is controversial; Peter Hajek outlines their health benefits, concluding that there is sufficient evidence to recommend electronic cigarettes to those who have been unable to stop smoking with existing treatments.

  • Muth et al., BMC Medicine

    Guiding multimorbidity management

    Christiane Muth, Marjan van den Akker, Jeanet Blom, Christian Mallen, Justine Rochon, François Schellevis, Annette Becker, Martin Beyer, Jochen Gensichen, Hanna Kirchner, Rafael Perera, Alexandra Prados-Torres, Martin Scherer, Ulrich Thiem, Hendrik van den Bussche, Paul Glasziou

    Patients with multimorbidity are frequently seen in primary care; Christiane Muth and colleagues present the Ariadne principles, offering guidance in decision making for multimorbidity in primary care and focusing on realistic treatment goals.

  • Flickr; Com Salud Agencia

    Can Ariadne improve primary care?

    Peter Bower

    The Ariadne principles developed by Muth et al. aim to improve multimorbidity management; here Peter Bower discusses the challenges in implementing these changes in primary care, and highlights further research into effective management of multimorbidity is still needed.

  • iStock photos

    Innovations in health care delivery

    Ramon Castano

    Ramon Castano highlights healthcare delivery systems in developing countries need innovative business solutions to address current shortcomings, and proposes six buiding blocks which can be implemented.


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Transmission dynamics and control of Ebola virus disease (EVD): a review
Gerardo Chowell and Hiroshi Nishiura
BMC Medicine 2014, 12:196


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