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    Helminthes, hygiene and autoimmunity

    Mathilde Versini, Pierre-Yves Jeandel, Tomer Bashi, Giorgia Bizzaro, Miri Blank, Yehuda Shoenfeld

    Yehuda Shoenfeld and colleagues review the Hygiene Hypothesis, focusing on the immunoprotective and immunotherapeutic effects helminthes may play in autoimmunity, and discuss the potential therapies that may be on the horizon.

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    Wearables in health management 

    Emil Chiauzzi, Carlos Rodarte, Pronabesh DasMahapatra

    Emil Chiauzzi and colleagues discuss the potential of wearable activity-measuring devices to engage patients in monitoring their own health, highlighting the need for accurate integration of the data into self-management regimens for chronic disease. 

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    Colon cancer: prognostic markers

    Victor Moreno, Rebeca Sanz-Pamplona

    Victor Moreno and Rebeca Sanz-Pamplona comment on research demonstrating a link between gene pathway de-regulation and colon cancer prognosis, emphasizing that following validation, the findings will shed light on the mechanisms of carcinogenesis. 

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    Assessing depression severity

    Eiko Fried, Randolph Nesse

    Depression scales typically rely on quantifying the number of symptoms reported; Eiko Fried and Randolph Nesse argue that depressive symptoms differ from each other, and should be considered individually to assess the severity of depression.

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    Global mental health systems

    Maya Semrau, Sara Evans-Lacko, Atalay Alem, Jose Ayuso-Mateos, Dan Chisholm, Oye Gureje, Charlotte Hanlon, Mark Jordans, Fred Kigozi, Heidi Lempp, Crick Lund, Inge Petersen, Rahul Shidhaye, Graham Thornicroft

    The ‘Emerging mental health systems in low- and middle-income countries’ (EMERALD) program aims to improve treatment and care of patients; Graham Thornicroft and colleagues discuss how EMERALD will strengthen mental health systems and reduce stigma.

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    Bloomberg investment in CRVS

    Alan Lopez, Philip Setel

    Alan Lopez and Philip Setel discuss how a major investment by Bloomberg Philanthropies in civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) can strengthen health data systems, highlighting its role in better evidence on which to base health policies. 


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Tobacco smoking and all-cause mortality in a large Australian cohort study: findings from a mature epidemic with current low smoking prevalence
Emily Banks, Grace Joshy, Marianne F Weber, Bette Liu, Robert Grenfell, Sam Egger, Ellie Paige, Alan D Lopez, Freddy Sitas and Valerie Beral
BMC Medicine 2015, 13:38


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