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  • Wikimedia; CDC ; James Gathany

    Hypertension, diet and pregnancy

    Jodie Dodd, Cecelia O’Brien, Rosalie Grivell

    Jodie Dodd and colleagues comment on a systematic review and meta-analysis suggesting that diet is linked to pre-eclampsia, highlighting that although the findings are limited by the included studies, adopting a healthy diet in pregnancy is important.

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    IBD, measles and vaccine safety

    Susy Yusung, Jonathan Braun

    Susy Yusung and Jonathan Braun comment on a modeling study suggesting no molecular mimicry between measles antigens and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), highlighting that the findings support the safety of pediatric MMR vaccines.

  • istock

    New challenges for liver cirrhosis

    Peter Byass

    Peter Byass comments on new estimates for the global burden of liver cirrhosis mortality, highlighting the challenges of this analysis and discussing the ways in which the data could be used for risk-reduction strategies.

  • Wikipedia;ObwiedniaPeptydu

    Searching for cancer biomarkers

    Eleftherios Diamandis

    Whole exome and whole genome sequencing has revealed specific mutations for various cancers, and so Eleftherios Diamandis suggests that the combination of genomics and proteomics may help to identify and develop clinically useful biomarkers.

  • (CC Gary van der Merwe)- Wikimedia

    HIV point-of-care testing

    Wendy Stevens, Natasha Gous, Nathan Ford, Lesley Scott

    Management of HIV increasingly involves point-of-care testing (POCT), especially in resource-limited settings; Wendy Stevens and colleagues review the challenges associated with POCT, discussing ways in which they can be overcome.

  • istock photo

    Epigenetics, stress and disease

    Michael Skinner

    Recent evidence suggests that family history of stress could be linked to pregnancy outcomes; Michael Skinner comments on this observation, highlighting that several studies now support an epigenetic link between stress and inheritance of disease.


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Urinary metabolic profiles in early pregnancy are associated with preterm birth and fetal growth restriction in the Rhea mother–child cohort study
Léa Maitre, Eleni Fthenou, Toby Athersuch, Muireann Coen, Mireille B Toledano, Elaine Holmes, Manolis Kogevinas, Leda Chatzi and Hector C Keun
BMC Medicine 2014, 12:110


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