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  • Sabina Alam PhD, BioMed Central
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  • Paul Wicks

    Video Q&A: Patient-led research

    Paul Wicks

    Paul Wicks, Vice President of PatientsLikeMe, answers our questions about the challenges and benefits of participant-led research, discussing how this will influence future research, as well as its potential impact on personalized medicine.

  • istock

    Placebo to treat depression?

    Andrea Cipriani, John Geddes

    Andrea Cipriani and John Geddes comment on a meta-analysis showing that sucrose-based placebos have an uncertain effect in clinical trials for depression, and discuss the implications of these findings for clinicians, researchers and patients.

  • wikimedia commons (Mouse islet cells LM Solimena Lab)

    Fatty acids and epigenetics

    Delphine Fradin, Pierre Bougnères

    Delphine Fradin and Pierre Bougnères discuss the limitations of a study revealing palmitate-induced epigenetic alterations in pancreatic cells, but emphasize that the findings pave the way for future research into obesity-induced metabolic changes.

  • $entry.blurbImageCredit

    Video Q&A: impact of stress

    George Chrousos

    In this video Q&A, we interview George Chrousos on the impact of stress on chronic non-communicable disorders, and discuss the physiological and economic factors that affect stress, as well as how it can be prevented.

  • istock photo

    Assessing the benefits of diet

    Linda Tapsell

    Linda Tapsell comments on two studies showing that olive oil and polyphenol consumption are linked to reduced cardiovascular disease risk, and outlines the importance of controlling background diet to assess the health benefits of individual foods.

  • Wikimedia;Richard Feldmann, NCI

    Role for non-protein coding RNAs?

    Georges St. Laurent, Yuri Vyatkin, Philipp Kapranov

    Variations in human genome sequence have been related to some diseases but little is known about the mechanisms; here Georges St. Laurent and colleagues review non-protein coding functional RNAs and suggest these may play a yet undiscovered role in disease.


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Estimating the returns to UK publicly funded cancer-related research in terms of the net value of improved health outcomes
Matthew Glover, Martin Buxton, Susan Guthrie, Stephen Hanney, Alexandra Pollitt and Jonathan Grant
BMC Medicine 2014, 12:99


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