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    Access to primary care is associated with better autoimmune hepatitis outcomes

    A retrospective study conducted at an urban safety-net hospital showed that for socioeconomically disadvantaged patients with autoimmune hepatitis, lack of primary care was associated with worse disease characteristics at diagnosis and also higher rates of death and liver transplant.

    BMC Gastroenterology 2015, 15:91
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    Caffeine consumption beneficial for liver function

    A multi-ethnic cross-sectional study shows significant inverse associations of caffeinated coffee consumption with biomarkers of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, suggesting a beneficial impact of caffeine consumption on liver function.

    BMC Gastroenterology 2015, 15:88
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    Macrophage phenotypes in Crohn’s disease

    An in situ study of intestinal biopsy samples from patients of Crohn's disease (CD) demonstrates that macrophages from CD patients often contain intra-macrophage E. coli and express characteristic cytokine mRNA profiles consistent with E. coli carriage.

    BMC Gastroenterology 2015, 15:75
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    Relation of cholesterol metabolism to pediatric gallstone disease

    A retrospective controlled study revealed that pediatric gallstone patients with different subclasses of gallstones display similar increases in cholesterol synthesis, highlighting this enhancement as an important factor in the pathogenesis of pediatric gallstone disease.

    BMC Gastroenterology 2015, 15:74
  • Image attributed to: Wikimedia by Nephron

    Liver stellate cells as novel target for cancer treatment 

    A comprehensive review summarizes the known molecular interactions between liver stellate cells and liver cancer tumors, as well as novel cancer therapeutic strategies which target liver stellate cells.

    BMC Gastroenterology 2015, 15:63



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