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  • Image attributed to: By Alex Wild, Flickr, Public domain

    Toward paratransgenic pest control

    Successful delivery of microencapsulated recombinant bacteria to the gut of glassy-winged sharpshooter, an insect pest, shows that microparticles could allow the field use of paratransgenic control to target other disease-transmitting arthropod vectors.

    BMC Biotechnology 2015, 15:59



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Neal Stewart

Neal Stewart is a Professor of Plant Sciences and holds the Ivan Racheff Chair of Excellence in plant molecular genetics at the University of Tennessee. He is the co-director of the Tennessee Plant Research Center and holds the position of Senior Bioscientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has served on the editorial board as an Associate Editor for BMC Biotechnology since 2005. In 2011 he started serving the journal as Section Editor for plant biotechnology. His research focuses on plant biotechnology for bioenergy, agricultural and environmental applications. His lab uses such tools from genomics to systems biology in plants. His latest book, "Research Ethics for Life Scientists" reflects a passion for teaching research integrity. Stewart is also a singer-songwriter who is trying to spend more time in Nashville.

"I love open access publishing and BMC Biotechnology. Open access gives the gift of research knowledge to the world. Open access journals such as BMC Biotechnology, have long been among my top choices to publish research from my lab"

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