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Climate Change

New Content ItemUnderstanding the Earth's changing climate and its consequences is becoming increasingly important as the human impact on the planet intensifies. We need to explore potential solutions to this global threat to fight against irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies. Tackling the climate crisis requires the rapid exchange of knowledge across geographic, economic, and disciplinary boundaries. "Open for Climate Justice" is the theme for this year's International Open Access Week (October 24-30). In support, we highlight recent research from across the BMC Series that investigates the effect of climate change on ecosystems, agriculture and health, as well as research into mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. 


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Sustained population decline of rodents is linked to accelerated climate warming and human disturbance
Xinru Wan, Chuan Yan, Zhenyu Wang & Zhibin Zhang
BMC Ecology and Evolution volume 22, Article number: 102 (2022)

Marine protected areas do not buffer corals from bleaching under global warming
Jack V. Johnson, Jaimie T. A. Dick & Daniel Pincheira-Donoso 
BMC Ecology and Evolution volume 22, Article number: 58 (2022)

Evolutionary and demographic consequences of temperature-induced masculinization under climate warming: the effects of mate choice
Edina Nemesházi, Szilvia Kövér & Veronika Bókony
BMC Ecology and Evolution volume 21, Article number: 16 (2021)

A cautionary signal from the Red Sea on the impact of increased dust activity on marine microbiota
Hayedeh Behzad, Hajime Ohyanagi, Badr Alharbi, Martin Ibarra, Mohammed Alarawi, Yoshimoto Saito, Carlos M. Duarte, Vladimir Bajic, Katsuhiko Mineta & Takashi Gojobori 
BMC Genomics volume 23, 
Article number: 277 (2022) 

Coordination of leaf functional traits under climatic warming in an arid ecosystem
Hongying Yu, Yingting Chen, Guangsheng Zhou & Zhenzhu Xu 
BMC Plant Biology volume 22, Article number: 439 (2022)

Phylogenetic signal in floral temperature patterns
Sean A. Rands & Michael J. M. Harrap 
BMC Research Notes volume 14, Article number: 39 (2021) 

Physiological, morphological and ecological traits drive desiccation resistance in north temperate dung beetles
Beatrice Nervo, Angela Roggero, Dan Chamberlain, Enrico Caprio, Antonio Rolando & Claudia Palestrini 
BMC Zoology volume 6, Article number: 26 (2021)


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Fecal microbiota and their association with heat stress in Bos taurus
Bartosz Czech, Joanna Szyda, Kai Wang, Hanpeng Luo & Yachun Wang 
BMC Microbiology volume 22, Article number: 171 (2022) 

Bacterial community in saline farmland soil on the Tibetan plateau: responding to salinization while resisting extreme environments
Yi Qiang Li, Ying Hui Chai, Xu Sheng Wang, Li Ying Huang, Xi Ming Luo, Cheng Qiu, Qing Hai Liu & Xiang Yu Guan 
BMC Microbiology volume 21, Article number: 119 (2021)

Plant Co-expression Annotation Resource: a web server for identifying targets for genetically modified crop breeding pipelines
Marcos José Andrade Viana, Adhemar Zerlotini & Mauricio de Alvarenga Mudadu 
BMC Bioinformatics volume 22, Article number: 46 (2021)

Transcriptomic responses under combined bacterial blight and drought stress in rice reveal potential genes to improve multi-stress tolerance
Garima Pal, Rahul Bakade, Sanjay Deshpande, V. Sureshkumar, Swathi S. Patil, Akashata Dawane, Subham Agarwal, Vidya Niranjan, M. K. PrasannaKumar & Ramu S. Vemanna 
BMC Plant Biology volume 22, Article number: 349 (2022)

Transgenic chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) harbouring AtDREB1a are physiologically better adapted to water deficit
Alok Das, Partha Sarathi Basu, Manoj Kumar, Jamal Ansari, Alok Shukla, Shallu Thakur, Parul Singh, Subhojit Datta, Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi, M S Sheshshayee, Kailash Chandra Bansal & Narendra Pratap Singh 
BMC Plant Biology volume 21, Article number: 39 (2021)

Effect of in-vitro heat stress challenge on the function of blood mononuclear cells from dairy cattle ranked as high, average and low immune responders
Shannon L. Cartwright, Marnie McKechnie, Julie Schmied, Alexandra M. Livernois & Bonnie A. Mallard 
BMC Veterinary Research volume 17, Article number: 233 (2021) 

Effects of temperature on proliferation of myoblasts from donor piglets with different thermoregulatory maturities
Katharina Metzger, Dirk Dannenberger, Armin Tuchscherer, Siriluck Ponsuksili & Claudia Kalbe 
BMC Molecular and Cell Biology volume 22, Article number: 36 (2021)

Health and Disease

Public perceptions of Lyme disease and climate change in southern Manitoba, Canada: making a case for strategic decoupling of climate and health messages
Laura Cameron, Rhéa Rocque, Kailey Penner & Ian Mauro 
BMC Public Health volume 21, Article number: 617 (2021)

Tick range expansion to higher elevations: does Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato facilitate the colonisation of marginal habitats?
Mélissa Lemoine, Luca Cornetti, Kevin Reeh & Barbara Tschirren 
BMC Ecology and Evolution volume 22, Article number: 104 (2022)

Genomic surveillance of Rift Valley fever virus: from sequencing to lineage assignment
John Juma, Vagner Fonseca, Samson L. Konongoi, Peter van Heusden, Kristina Roesel, Rosemary Sang, Bernard Bett, Alan Christoffels, Tulio de Oliveira & Samuel O. Oyola 
BMC Genomics volume 23, Article number: 520 (2022)

Tracking the impacts of climate change on human health via indicators: lessons from the Lancet Countdown
Claudia Di Napoli, Alice McGushin, Marina Romanello, Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson, Wenjia Cai, Jonathan Chambers, Shouro Dasgupta, Luis E. Escobar, Ilan Kelman, Tord Kjellstrom, Dominic Kniveton, Yang Liu, Zhao Liu, Rachel Lowe, Jaime Martinez-Urtaza, Celia McMichael, Maziar Moradi-Lakeh, Kris A. Murray, Mahnaz Rabbaniha, Jan C. Semenza, Liuhua Shi, Meisam Tabatabaei, Joaquin A. Trinanes, Bryan N. Vu, Chloe Brimicombe & Elizabeth J. Robinson 
BMC Public Health volume 22, Article number: 663 (2022)

Climate change and socioeconomic determinants are structural constraints to agency in diet-related non-communicable disease prevention in Vanuatu: a qualitative study
Amy Savage, Hilary Bambrick, Lachlan McIver & Danielle Gallegos 
BMC Public Health volume 21, Article number: 1231 (2021)

Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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InterMob: a 24-month randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of an intervention including behavioural change techniques and free transport versus an intervention including air pollution awareness-raising on car use reduction among regular car users living in Grenoble, France
Claudia Teran-Escobar, Sarah Duché, Hélène Bouscasse, Sandrine Isoard-Gatheur, Patrick Juen, Lilas Lacoste, Sarah Lyon-Caen, Sandrine Mathy, Estelle Ployon, Anna Risch, Philippe Sarrazin, Rémy Slama, Kamila Tabaka, Carole Treibich, Sonia Chardonnel & Aïna Chalabaev 
BMC Public Health volume 22, Article number: 1763 (2022)

Lower methane emissions were associated with higher abundance of ruminal Prevotella in a cohort of Colombian buffalos
Sandra Bibiana Aguilar-Marin, Claudia Lorena Betancur-Murillo, Gustavo A. Isaza, Henry Mesa & Juan Jovel 
BMC Microbiology volume 20, Article number: 364 (2020)

Mineral status and enteric methane production in dairy cows during different stages of lactation
Ľubomíra Grešáková, Monika Holodová, Małgorzata Szumacher-Strabel, Haihao Huang, Piotr Ślósarz, Janusz Wojtczak, Natalia Sowińska & Adam Cieślak 
BMC Veterinary Research volume 17, Article number: 287 (2021)

Environmental sustainability in endodontics. A life cycle assessment (LCA) of a root canal treatment procedure
Brett Duane, Linnea Borglin, Stephanie Pekarski, Sophie Saget & Henry Fergus Duncan 
BMC Oral Health volume 20, Article number: 348 (2020)