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  • Image attributed to: Brain activity from iStock

    Monitoring rSO2 could predict cognitive decline

    Post-hoc analysis of patients undergoing total-knee replacement surgery indicates that asymmetry in perioperative, bilateral regional brain oxygen saturation (rSO2) may be a warning sign for post-operative memory decline.

    BMC Anesthesiology 2014, 14:58
  • Image attributed to: Clinicians in ICU from Wikipedia

    Could we use exhaled air to monitor glucose?

    Systematic review indicates a correlation between exhaled volatile organic compounds, such as acetone and ethyl benzene, and blood glucose levels, indicating that further research into the clinical validity of this system for monitoring ICU patients is warranted.

    BMC Anesthesiology 2014, 14:46
  • Image attributed to: Gas mask from flickr

    Patient positioning affects POPA and POH

    Perioperative pulmonary aspiration (POPA) and perioperative hypoxemia (POH) rates are significantly associated with horizontal recumbency in adult surgical patients undergoing general anesthesia, affecting both hospital mortality and post-operative length of stay.

    BMC Anesthesiology 2014, 14:43



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