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  • Image credit: Deshaies, BMC Biology 2014

    Pushing tumor cells into proteostatic crisis

    Raymond Deshaies

    Most, if not all, tumors are at risk of getting fatally gummed up with mutant proteins that don’t fold properly, but very few succumb to proteasome inhibitors which should exploit this vulnerability. Raymond Deshaies asks why, and what might be done to broaden their lethality.

  • Image credit: Chandel, BMC Biology 2014

    Four requirements for metformin to arrest tumors

    Navdeep Chandel

    Navdeep Chandel explains in an interview why it has been difficult to establish whether the anti-diabetic drug metformin affects tumor growth, and how the properties of individual tumors may be crucial.

  • $entry.blurbImageCredit

    How metformin acts against cancer

    Alba Luengo, Lucas Sullivan, Matthew Heiden

    Commenting on a recent paper in Cancer and Metabolism, Matthew vander Heiden and colleagues consider the mechanisms by which the anti-diabetic drug metformin can act via mitochondria to combat cancer.

  • Image credit: Alice Plane, BMC Biology

    Cancer cell signaling: What goes wrong?

    H Wiley

    As the latest addition to our series of Open Questions, Steven Wiley focuses on the feedback controls on cell signaling and proliferation, and the need to understand how they are disrupted in cancer cells.


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