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    Prediction in ecology - can it be done?

    H Charles Godfray, Robert May

    In a contribution to BMC Biology's open questions series, Charles Godfray and Robert May ask which of complexity or simplicity might be the key to accurately predicting how ecosystems will behave.

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    The witchery of plant strigolactones

    Steven Smith

    Originally isolated from the victims of witchweed (a plant viewed as a curse on crops in Africa) and named after the witch Striga, strigolactones originated in single-celled algae. Steven Smith asks in Q&A format what we understand about these plant signaling molecules, and speculates on how we may exploit them to breed plants needing less fertilizer.

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    The uncharted metabolic territory of the protozoan parasite

    Malcolm McConville

    In his contribution to the Open questions series for BMC Biology, Malcolm McConville comments on how extraordinarily little we know about the metabolic adaptations of our parasites, and the mechanisms whereby they manipulate the carbon economy for their own survival and to the detriment of host immunity

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    Developmental origins of tumor heterogeneity?

    Lukas Sommer

    Personalized treatment for cancer must confront the problem of tumor heterogeneity, and of identifying the critical changes that determine tumorigenicity. Lukas Sommer argues in his Open questions contribution that developmental processes can provide important clues, especially for melanoma.


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