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BMC Biology Opinions

This collection presents commissioned Opinion articles published in BMC Biology, to provide coverage of current or emerging topics as well as a discussion of possibly controversial views, different models and theories in the field. Our Opinion pieces are open access and free to read and share.

  1. Membranes are protein and lipid structures that surround cells and other biological compartments. We present a conceptual model wherein all membranes are organized into structural and functional zones. The ass...

    Authors: Troy A. Kervin and Michael Overduin
    Citation: BMC Biology 2024 22:46
  2. In this Opinion article, we summarize how changes in DNA methylation occur during aging in mammals and discuss examples of how such events may contribute to the aging process. We explore mechanisms that could ...

    Authors: Marc Jung and Gerd P Pfeifer
    Citation: BMC Biology 2015 13:7