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For Editors

Welcome to the For Editors pages. We have collated the following resources in order to support and guide you in the invaluable work you do for your journal. The information provided in these pages is designed to assist you in all aspects of your role as an Editor, from assessing a manuscript and finding peer reviewers to increasing recognition and awareness through journal promotion.

If you are an Editorial Board Member on a BMC Series journal, you can find additional guidance specific to this collection of journals here.

Manuscript handling information

Below you will find information about assessing a new manuscript, finding peer reviewers and making a decision. 

Please click on the links below for more information:

  • Welcome Pack: Guidance for new editors is available here
  • Assessing a new manuscriptA guide to the key things to look for in a new submission
  • Finding peer reviewers: Advice on selecting peer reviewers for the manuscript, including information on how to find potential reviewers
  • Making an editorial decision: Information on making a decision based on reviewer reports and your own reading of the manuscript
  • Editorial Policies: A guide to BMC's editorial policies and the Springer Nature Code of Conduct, ensuring that you are working to the highest standard of editorial practice
  • Systems and Tools: An overview of Editorial Manager and the Springer Nature Reviewer Finder Tool

Journal development

Below is a wide array of information highlighting the different ways you can develop your journal, with information on increasing the recognition and awareness of your journal on an international scale.

Please click on the links below for more information:

  • Encouraging submissions: Information on attracting high quality submissions to the journal
  • CommissioningA guide to commissioning articles, which can be highly instrumental in increasing the readership and overall impact of the journal
  • Promoting your journal: A guide to using marketing initiatives to help promote the journal
  • Article Promotion: Advice on showcasing different studies and increasing their visibility to various audiences
  • Developing the Editorial Board: Advice on developing and maintaining an active and representative Editorial Board; the backbone of any successful journal
  • Promoting research through blogs: A guide to communicating interesting developments or findings through blogs