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Partnerships and societies

BMC—Your trusted partner in the transformation to open access

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BMC is a pioneer of open access publishing, and is one of a family of imprints published by Springer Nature. BMC has an evolving portfolio of high-quality peer-reviewed journals including broad interest titles, and specialist journals. At BMC research is always in progress and we are committed to continual innovation to better support the needs of our communities, ensuring the integrity of the research we publish and championing the benefits of open research. 

Open access publishing models are reshaping the way that researchers communicate, collaborate and advance the pace and quality of discovery. By partnering with Springer Nature to publish your journal under the BMC imprint, your society will benefit from our experience over more than two decades in open access publishing. 

When your society publishes your journals under the BMC imprint, we offer:

A personalized approach

One of Springer Nature’s key strengths in working with society partners is our tailored approach. As the business of academic publishing has become increasingly international, maintaining personal relationships and continuity in a publishing partnership is now more important than ever. Our portfolio covers the whole spectrum of research fields, so we know that no two societies or journals are the same. 

As a partner society, you will work with a dedicated publishing editor who will be a champion for your publication and will serve as the primary point of contact for your society and editors, as well as the main liaison between the different departments at Springer Nature. The publishing editor’s main role is to help drive the development of your journal by working with the editor-in-chief and wider editorial board to support and develop the journal in conjunction with the primary objectives of your society. 

Together with colleagues from marketing, production and sales, your publishing editor will help you monitor competition, track current trends in publishing, conduct competitive analysis, and carry out author satisfaction measurements to ensure the holistic development of your journal.

Speed of dissemination and maximizing access

Maximizing the reach and impact of your content while allowing you to maintain control of your editorial policy is central to our  publishing goals. By taking full advantage of the technology available for BMC journals at Springer Nature we can ensure far-reaching exposure for your journal, whether this is through discovery services or SEO optimization. We continuously refine and improve our production processes and are proud that the average time from article acceptance to publication is now only 14 days.

Author and society satisfaction

Our commitment to scientific and scholarly advancement means supporting societies like yours in the high-quality and timely publication of your journal. For us this means enabling authors to share and promote their discoveries, and helping researchers to find, access, and share the work of others. We also lead on issues and matters of importance to researchers, funders, and policy makers. For example, our journals are completely compliant with access requirements of funders’ mandates, including NIH and HHMI.

Springer Nature publishes content covering all fields of research, so we know that each community has different needs. Your goal is to attract high-quality papers and your authors and journal will benefit from our creative strategies that assist in developing new content, improving its discoverability, and allowing as many people to access it as possible. When you work with BMC, as part of Springer Nature, you will find that our approach ensures high levels of author satisfaction. 

Your society, editors-in-chief and editorial boards will have the opportunity to discuss the strategy of your journal with your publishing editor at editorial board meetings and strategy retreats where we specifically focus on the future success of our society partner journals.

Financial benefits

By partnering with a large, international publisher you will benefit from economies of scale, while still receiving customized and individual attention. We recognize that each community has different needs and our established monitoring and tracking systems will allow us to report on your journal’s success and progress and develop strategies for future growth. With 20 years of experience in open access publishing, we are ideally positioned to ensure the sustainability of your journal, and the financial security of your society for years to come.

Seamless transition

Even a change for the better can be stressful. Springer Nature goes the extra mile to minimize the impact of transitioning your journal to the BMC imprint. Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary Transition Management Team oversees the complete transition of your journal into our programme all the way through to April of the first year of publication. We follow the guidelines from the NISO/Transfer Code of Practice and work closely with you throughout the whole process. Staff from all relevant departments worldwide, including editorial, production, sales, operations, abstracting and indexing, customer service, and fulfillment, are available to help. 

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