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    Effects of nitrogen in Eucalyptus

    Fertilization with nitrogen induces genome-wide changes affecting biomass accumulation and cell wall content in Eucalyptus that may be useful in the production of paper and biofuels.

    BMC Plant Biology 2014, 14:256
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    Genetic basis for fruit bruising

    Susceptibility to the post-harvest disorder friction discoloration is determined by multiple genetic factors and is associated with various biochemical compounds in pear, pointing to a potential role for genomic selection in breeding superior cultivars.

    BMC Plant Biology 2014, 14:241
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    Origins of hermaphroditism in grapevines

    Alleles associated with hermaphroditism in Vitis vinifera are most related to male alleles, giving clues about the genetic events that led to the domestication of grapes.

    BMC Plant Biology 2014, 14:229
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    Drought stress affects floral development

    Arabidopsis plants subjected to severe drought conditions at the time of flowering display twice as many differentially expressed genes than those suffering moderate drought stress, indicating that different pathways are activated in response to the severity of conditions.

    BMC Plant Biology 2014, 14:164
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