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    Profiling the cell types of the glomerulus

    Analysing the properties of the major cell types of the glomerulus in Cd2ap mutant mouse models of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis identified activated and repressed pathways, and responsible genes, thereby delivering a deeper molecular understanding of this genetic disease.

    BMC Nephrology 2015, 16:71
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    The CKD hospital care cost prediction model

    Annual hospital care costs associated with CKD stage and cardiovascular disease in the UK, reports that major vascular events, and vascular and non-vascular deaths, are key determinants of hospital care costs in CKD, in addition to the need for renal replacement therapy.

    BMC Nephrology 2015, 16:65
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    Predicting long-term sepsis risk

    Elevated serum Cystatin C (Cyst-C) is independently associated with future risk of sepsis, and this association persists after adjustment for markers of kidney disease and systemic inflammation, indicating that Cyst-C may play a role in sepsis risk prediction and reduction.

    BMC Nephrology 2015, 16:61
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    Renal registries reveal data gaps

    Investigations into global renal registries revealed a lack of available data, particularly in emerging economies; however, more effective policy and patient care decisions could be made through multistakeholder collaborations helping develop, or enhance data collection for new and existing registries.

    BMC Nephrology 2015, 16:31
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