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    “Mutation” and “polymorphism”: not a case of po-tay-to/po-tah-to

    As genomic technology advances and more people access genomic information, terms describing DNA variation such as “mutation” and “polymorphism” are often becoming blurred; a new proposal originating from an online forum discussion recommends how to avoid confusion.

    BMC Medical Genomics 2015, 8:37
  • New approach predicts breast cancer survival

    A new approach to identifying robust genes set to predict clinical outcomes uses a “gene set activity score” (GSAS) in a given patient, and is here applied to predict survival time in breast cancer patients.

    BMC Medical Genomics 2015, 8:11
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    miRNAs in the Huntingdon's brain

    The expression of 75 microRNAs in the prefrontal cortex of the brains of Huntingdon’s disease patients differed compared to healthy controls, suggesting a role, particularly for miR-10b-5p in Huntingdon’s pathogenicity, and are also potentially biomarkers

    BMC Medical Genomics 2015, 8:10
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