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  • Image attributed to: 'torbakhopper HE DEAD' on Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

    Gene expression changes from meth drug treatment

    Individuals with methamphetamine dependence treated with the drug topimirate—a treatment for alcoholism—those who respond to the drug show different gene expression patterns in processes underlying addiction compared to non-responders and those treated with placebos.

    BMC Medical Genomics 2014, 7:65
  • Image attributed to: iStock Photo

    New subtypes from existing prostate cancer signature

    Validation of an existing prostate cancer gene expression profile has identified two groups, associated with good or poor prognosis, rather than the previous four 4 subtypes, and highlights the importance of taking sample tissue composition into account.

    BMC Medical Genomics 2014, 7:50
  • Combining state-of-the-art methods pays off for PGS

    A combination of time-lapse monitoring of morphokinetic markers and array-CGH testing, results in improved rates of implantation and ongoing pregnancy for patients undergoing preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) over those in conventional incubators.

    BMC Medical Genomics 2014, 7:38
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