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  • Pearlly Yan, The Ohio State University

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  • Image attributed to: User Roantrum on Flickr, CC BY 2.0

    Candidate gene prioritisation method integrates omics

    A new method to prioritize candidate genes, called BRIDGE, integrates disease phenotypic similarity with –omic data to infer disease associated genes, successfully predicting known genes when applied to existing datasets.

    BMC Medical Genomics 2013, 6:57
  • Image attributed to: Ed Euthman on Flickr, Creative Commons

    Integrative analysis predicts colorectal cancer stage

    Integrative analysis of publicly available TCGA datasets including mutations, copy number alterations, gene expression and methylation using elastic-net identifies genes that are predictive for stage and aggressiveness of colorectal cancer tumors.

    BMC Medical Genomics 2013, 6:54
  • Image attributed to: iStock Photo

    A network approach to preeclampsia

    A co-expression network approach on existing pre-eclampsia genomic datasets in combination with genetic algorithms prioritizes genes known to be associated with the disease but also new pathogenesis candidates.

    BMC Medical Genomics 2013, 6:51
  • Image attributed to: Nephron on Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3

    Chromatin features link to liver disease

    Histone modifications but not a candidate transcription factor are associated with steatohepatitis in alcoholic liver disease, and regions enriched for histone modifications contain genes known to be involved in the disease and new candidates.

    BMC Medical Genomics 2013, 6:50


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Struan Grant

Following posts in the UK, Australia, Iceland and Germany, Struan Grant has been the Associate Director of the Center for Applied Genomics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia since 2006. His current work focuses on metabolic disease, with a specific focus on pediatrics. Utilizing high-throughput genotyping technology, his goals include isolating genes involved in obesity and bone strength. Both of these phenotypes are known to be strongly determined by genetic factors and distillation of this component should be easier to determine in children, where the relatively short period of their lifetime limits the impact of environmental exposure.

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