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    iTRAQ wheat development and so can you

    iTRAQ protein quantification utilises isobaric reagents to identify and quantify expressed proteins in lysed cells. Characterisation of dynamic protein expression changes in cellular systems such as developing wheat grains, exhibits the potential of this novel technique.

    BMC Genomics 2014, 15:1029
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    Micro ways, milk controls development

    miRNA regulate developmental processes in a variety of systems and at various stages of development. The presence of miRNAs in the milk of post-natal mother wallabies and neonates suggest their role may extend beyond the womb.

    BMC Genomics 2014, 15:1012
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    Unravelling the evolution of Cyanobacteria metabolism

    Beyond genome wide studies large scale phylum-wide studies can help to reveal the function and importance of distantly related gene clusters. This is particularly evident for genes involved in complex metabolic pathways such as cyanobacteria secondary metabolism.

    BMC Genomics 2014, 15:977
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