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  • Image attributed to: Wikimedia Commons by Esherma1

    Evaluating markers of systemic lupus erythematosus risk

    A cohort of lupus patients with increased serum levels of CD40 linked to lupus pathogenesis also display a polymorphism at the CD40 locus, that may represent a genetic marker for lupus susceptibility.

    BMC Genetics 2015, 16:121
  • Image attributed to: CC Lloyd Morgan

    The genetics of depression

    Genome-wide analysis of depression, the symptoms of which can vary over time, across different ethnicities identifies novel variants associated with this complex mood disorder.

    BMC Genetics 2015, 16:118
  • Image attributed to: Flickr by Andy L

    Better meat quality through sequence analysis  

    Broad genomic analysis of Berkshire pigs reveals several candidate genes involved in Berkshire meat quality, with several of these genes involved in lipid metabolism and intramuscular fat deposition.

    BMC Genetics 2015, 16:104
  • Image attributed to: Figure 1

    Genetic traits of adaptable rice

    Identification of loci that contain drought- and yield-related traits on rice chromosomes can help with the breeding of more climate change-resistant rice.

    BMC Genetics 2015, 16:86
  • Image attributed to: Flickr by Leonora Enking

    New allele can help barley adapt to harsh soil

    A novel allele of the HvMATE gene improves growth of a malting barley in detrimental acidic or aluminum-rich soil, representing a promising selectable trait for improving tolerance to harsh growth conditions.

    BMC Genetics 2015, 16:92



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Rongling Wu

Rongling Wu is a Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics and the Director of the Center for Statistical Genetics at The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Wu's research interest focuses on the development of novel statistical models, designs, and algorithms for comprehending the genetic and epigenetic architecture of complex biological traits and processes. He is also interested in the construction of the genotype-phenotype map using network biology and systems biology. More recently, Dr. Wu has integrated his statistical approaches to experimental studies of complex trait genetics in the Center for Computational Biology he founded at Beijing Forestry University.

"As one of the earliest open access journals, BMC Genetics has been increasingly influential over years in the area of genetic research. It will continue to be a mainstream forum to publish the latest discoveries in genetics and genomics from leading scientists all around the world. In particular, it attracts the attention of the most promising young scientists to find, stimulate and publish various new ideas for higher-level research in genetics."

Professor Rongling Wu

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