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    Are common medications effective?

    Stefan Leucht, Bartosz Helfer, Gerald Gartlehner, John Davis

    Evidence from meta-analyses suggests that some commonly-used drugs show only minimal clinically important benefits, indicating that physician training may be required to prevent overtreatment and emphasize evidence-based medicine.

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    Monitoring antimalarial resistance

    Harin Karunajeewa

    Harin Karunajeewa comments on research identifying determinants of early parasite clearance following artemisinin-based malaria treatment, highlighting that the findings should enable early detection of artemisinin resistance in African populations.

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    Cross-disease vector control 

    Nick Golding, Anne Wilson, Catherine Moyes, Jorge Cano, David Pigott, Raman Velayudhan, Simon Brooker, David Smith, Simon Hay, Steve Lindsay

    Nick Golding and colleagues propose that combined vector control in low resource settings is an effective strategy due to overlapping distributions of disease, highlighting the benefit of investing in such measures in these settings. 

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    Guidelines for bipolar care

    Richard Morriss

    There is variation in adherence to national recommendations for bipolar disorder care in England and Wales; Richard Morriss discusses barriers to guideline implementation, and advocates that following national guidance should be mandatory.

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    Decreasing research waste

    Agnes Dechartres, Philippe Ravaud

    A recent study demonstrates gaps between research needs and ongoing research in endocrinology; Agnes Dechartres and Philippe Ravaud discuss how this contributes to research waste, highlighting that systemic registration of gaps may aide better prioritization.

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    Improving trial reporting

    Ana Marušić

    Ana Marusic comments on recent research showing that the COBWEB writing tool improves completeness of randomized controlled trial reporting, emphasizing that the tool should aid implementation of reporting guidelines among researchers.


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Sex differences in medico-legal action against doctors: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Emily Unwin, Katherine Woolf, Clare Wadlow, Henry W. W. Potts and Jane Dacre
BMC Medicine 2015, 13:172


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