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  • Sabina Alam PhD, BioMed Central
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  • Wikipedia; Gary van der Merwe

    Towards a cure for HIV

    Chao Liu, Xiancai Ma, Bingfeng Liu, Cancan Chen, Hui Zhang

    Eradicating latent viruses remains a major challenge for curing HIV infection; Hui Zhang and colleagues review current understanding of the mechanisms of viral latency, and discuss recent advances in the development of a functional cure for HIV.

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    Access to clinical trial data

    Nophar Geifman, Jennifer Bollyky, Sanchita Bhattacharya, Atul Butte

    Atul Butte and colleagues describe the challenges they faced when trying to access clinical trial data from two voluntary data sharing portals, and emphasize that data should not only be easily accessbile but also of sufficient quality to ensure usability.

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    Preventive treatment for migraine

    Dimos Mitsikostas, Alan Rapoport

    Recent findings suggest that monoclonal antibody treatments and neurostimulation could be effective in preventing migraine; Dimos Mitsikostas and Alan Rapoport review early efficacy results, concluding that novel approaches to migraine prevention are needed.

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    Peer review tips for junior reviewers

    Sabina Alam, Jigisha Patel

    In an Editorial to launch our collection on peer review, Alam and Patel highlight why training and guidance is needed for junior reviewers,  and introduce a set of tutorials by experts who provide tips and advice on how to conduct constructive peer review based on specific study designs.

  • Flickr CC (CDC Global)

    Ebola vaccinations for HCWs

    Cordelia Coltart, Anne Johnson, Christopher Whitty

    Using data from Ebola epidemics, Chris Whitty and colleagues demonstrate that prophylactic vaccination against Ebola transmission is likely to be beneficial for healthcare workers (HCWs), which has implications for vaccination policy and strategy.

  • Elizabeth Miller

    Q&A: vaccine controversies

    Elizabeth Miller

    Elizabeth Miller, a vaccine epidemiologist, answers our questions about the continuum of beliefs held by vaccine refusers and hesitators, discussing the ways in which those working within vaccine research can better convey the benefits of vaccination.


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Sex differences in medico-legal action against doctors: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Emily Unwin, Katherine Woolf, Clare Wadlow, Henry W. W. Potts and Jane Dacre
BMC Medicine 2015, 13:172


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