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Erratum (Michael Froehner, 30 April 2014)

In the legend to figue 1 of our article "A combined index to classify prognostic comorbidity in candidates for radical prostatectomy", the description of the colors of the cumulative mortality curves has erroneously been reversed. The correct description is: "red: body mass index lower than 30 kg/m2, green: body mass index 30 kg/m2 or higher". read full comment

Comment on: Froehner et al. BMC Urology, 14:28

Author's name modification (Anastasios Asimakopoulos, 10 December 2013)

The entire name of the fourth author should be modified to "Anastasios D. Asimakopoulos" read full comment

Comment on: Gaziev et al. BMC Urology, 13:61

mistake in figure 1 (Javier Rejas, 21 June 2011)

In figure 1, there is a mistake in the decision tree for patients treated with tolterodine and solifenacin. It is written that all patients are treated at the end of the study period with fesoterodine 4 mg but there is a mistake. Patients who started treatment with tolterodine or solifenacin discontinued or remained with the same treatment until the end of the study, they do not switched to fesoterodine.

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Comment on: Arlandis-Guzman et al. BMC Urology, 11:9

Contraindications (rich winkel, 09 July 2010)

It's certainly curious that the terms "erogenous" and "frenar band" are nowhere to be found in this article. For the record, the frenar band happens to be the primary erogenous zone of the male body, and it is located in the foreskin. One would think that parents would want to know whether they're amputating something that could well prove precious to their son. Furthermore there is evidence that circumcision significantly increases male->female HIV transmission rates due to increased vaginal friction, as corroborated by a comparison of US and EU HIV and circ rates. This one-sided censorship and propaganda campaign is in keeping with decades of medical disinformation regarding circumcision. Is medicine capable of acting ethically on this issue?
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Comment on: Weiss et al. BMC Urology, 10:2

Related commentary published in BMC Urology (Scott Edmunds, 15 September 2009)

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Commentary: the role of cytologic analysis of voided urine in the work-up of asymptomatic microhematuria
Deep Trivedi and Edward Messing
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