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  • Steven Brandes, Washington University
  • Cosimo De Nunzio, Ospedale Sant'Andrea
  • John Gearhart, Johns Hopkins Children's Center
  • Jose Karam, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Ercan Kocakoc, Bezmialem Vakif University
  • Salvatore Micali, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  • Alexander Parker, Mayo Clinic
  • Charles J Rosser, University of Florida
  • Mostafa Taymour, University of Cairo

Executive Editor

  • Hayley Henderson, BioMed Central


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    ART overtreament using AUA/ASTRO guidelines?

    Current AUA/ASTRO guidelines for the requirement of adjuvant radiotherapy treatment (ART) after radical prostatectomy may allow for unnecessary overtreatment in this patient group highlighting a need to select patients who meet the criteria more cautiously.

    BMC Urology 2014, 14:30
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    The effects of smoking on ureteral stones

    Nicotine may have an effect on spontaneous passage of distal ureteral stones greater than 4mm in diameter, with expulsion being lower in patients with smoking habits; however, further studies are required to elucidate the mechanism of this possible effect.

    BMC Urology 2014, 14:27
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    HOX genes present new target in prostate cancer

    HOX genes are generally highly expressed in prostate tumours compared to normal prostate tissue; however, targeting the interaction between HOX proteins and their PBX cofactor could lead to a novel therapeutic strategy in this malignancy.

    BMC Urology 2014, 14:17
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    NMIBC patients may need longer follow-up

    Patients with low-grade non muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) may require routine follow up for as long as ten years from the initial diagnosis, with multiple tumours being a potential risk factor for tumour recurrence.

    BMC Urology 2014, 14:5



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Cosimo De Nunzio

Cosimo De Nunzio, MD, PhD, is Consultant Urologist and contract Professor at the Department of Urology, Ospedale Sant'Andrea, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy. His research focus is prostatic disorders with a particular interest in voiding dysfunction, Benign prostatic Hyperplasia and prostate cancer diagnosis and management.

"I am pleased to be involved with BMC Urology first as a reviewer and now as Section Editor for Voiding Dysfunction. BMC Urology is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed articles, currently 10th on the SCImago Journal & Country Rank table and with and increasing number of manuscripts published in the last 4 years. When I joined BMC Urology, I have been particularly impressed by the excellent group of Section and Associate Editors involved in the Editorial Board and notwithstanding their young age, they are extremely expert in their field of interest. The journal's excellent editorial staff and the rapidity of the peer review process is another crucial quality of this journal. Moreover, I strongly support the open access platform used by BMC Urology which makes the specialized knowledge of urology more widely available to the scientific community at large, independently of the institutional affiliation or economic resources."

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