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    Broader economic evaluations of vaccines

    Broader economic effects of vaccines are seen as being equally important as traditional outcome measures used in cost-effectiveness analyses, suggesting more inclusive practical guidelines for economic evaluations of vaccines may be created.

    BMC Public Health 2015, 15:356
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    Parents' time pressure and children's mental health

    Parents' subjective time pressure is associated with increased mental health problems among children which might explain why mental health problems are common in the Nordic countries in spite of otherwise favourable conditions.

    BMC Public Health 2015, 15:353
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    Economic mortality differences in Spain

    The widening difference in premature mortality between the poorest and richest provinces in Spain is due to the increase in the difference in mortality due to cardiovascular diseases.

    BMC Public Health 2015, 15:321
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    Young diabetic women at risk of post-MI mortality

    One in two women hospitalized for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in an Asian cohort have diabetes and the sex disparity in post-MI mortality is most pronounced among those under 60 years of age.

    BMC Public Health 2015, 15:308
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    Youth accessing e-cigarettes for experimentation

    E-cigarettes are being accessed by teenagers more for experimentation than smoking cessation and mostly by those who engage in other substance-related risk behaviours including regular smoking, binge drinking and alcohol-related violence.

    BMC Public Health 2015, 15:244
  • Image attributed to: Flickr:  Steve Evans

    Differential effects of violence on Chinese women

    Violence in intimate relationships in China comprises of intimate terrorism and situational couple violence which have differential effects on mental health outcomes of Chinese women.

    BMC Public Health 2015, 15:314
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    Fruit and vegetables intake not affordable

    Achieving recommended intakes of non-starchy fruits and vegetables in Vanatu is unaffordable, suggesting addressing fruit and vegetable affordability will be an important consideration in prevention of non-communicable diseases in the Pacific region.

    BMC Public Health 2015, 15:301
  • Image attributed to: Flickr: Ed Yourdon

    Social supports as health determinants for children

    Social supports and their cumulative availability are strongly related to perceived health, with more supports being associated with better self-perceived health among both less affluent and more affluent children.

    BMC Public Health 2015, 15:295



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