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Some corrections (Liang He, 31 March 2015)

In the last line of the expressions (2), αβ2 should have been σβ2. The second equation in the expression (5) should have been deleted. In the expression (6), 'y' is better replaced by 'Data'. In the footnotes of Table 1, '(2)' should have been '(5)', and '(3)' should have been '(6)'.  read full comment

Comment on: He et al. BMC Proceedings, 8:S37

Erratum - Annotations for the NatC auxiliary subunit Naa38 (Mak31) (Thomas Arnesen, 09 December 2013)

In Table 3 of this paper dealing with synonyms there is an error. Based on functional data on zebrafish NatC (Wenzlau JM et al., Circulation Research, 2006 98(6):846-55) and human NatC (Starheim et al., Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2009 29(13):3569-81), LSM8 should be replaced by LSMD1 as Naa38p. Therefore, in Table 3, in the column 'Synonyms', 'Mak31p; hLsm8p' should be replaced by 'Mak31p; LSMD1'. In the column 'Accession no.', 'Human' 'O95777' should be replaced by 'Q9BRA0'. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Regards, Thomas Arnesen

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Comment on: Polevoda et al. BMC Proceedings, 3:S2