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Erratum - Annotations for the NatC auxiliary subunit Naa38 (Mak31) (Thomas Arnesen, 09 December 2013)

In Table 3 of this paper dealing with synonyms there is an error. Based on functional data on zebrafish NatC (Wenzlau JM et al., Circulation Research, 2006 98(6):846-55) and human NatC (Starheim et al., Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2009 29(13):3569-81), LSM8 should be replaced by LSMD1 as Naa38p. Therefore, in Table 3, in the column 'Synonyms', 'Mak31p; hLsm8p' should be replaced by 'Mak31p; LSMD1'. In the column 'Accession no.', 'Human' 'O95777' should be replaced by 'Q9BRA0'. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Regards, Thomas Arnesen

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Comment on: Polevoda et al. BMC Proceedings, 3:S2