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2. Why publish a supplement to BMC Proceedings?

Publishing with BMC Proceedings allows your conference to take advantage of:


As BMC Proceedings is not restricted to any particular discipline within biomedicine, it is particularly suitable for cross- or multi-disciplinary collections. In addition the journal is willing to accept large collections of articles and proceedings of specialized interest.

Rapid production times

With approval from BioMed Central, the peer review process may be handled by the conference organizers. Accepted articles are then submitted to BioMed Central and BMC Proceedings aims to publish the supplement online within 6–8 weeks of submission of the final article/abstract.

Open access

All articles published in BMC Proceedings are open access (freely available on the journal website, with the copyright retained by the author). Research articles are deposited in at least one widely and internationally recognized open access repository such as PubMed Central, complying with the NIH Public Access Policy and the Wellcome Trust Open Access Policy. To cover the cost of open access publishing we levy publication charges for each collection published as a supplement.

High visibility within the field

Your collection is freely accessible to a global audience. In addition, supplement content is available through PubMed Central, and articles are listed/indexed by PubMed the US National Library of Medicine's full-text repository of life science literature. Abstract supplements are listed by title in PubMed.

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