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3. What is Open Access?

All articles published in BMC Proceedings are open access, which means they are freely and universally accessible online, and permanently archived in an internationally recognised open access repository, such as PubMed Central.

Publication charges

As the cost of publishing, maintaining and archiving articles is not recouped through subscription charges, a charge is levied for all collections published in BMC Proceedings. Publication charges are quoted on a project-by-project basis, and will depend largely on the number of articles or abstracts to be published. By processing multiple articles simultaneously, BioMed Central is normally able to offer lower prices for open access publication than would be available if articles were published individually in our journals.

Publication charges for articles in supplements cannot be covered by BioMed Central membership and waivers cannot be granted. Requests for quotations should be directed to

Benefits of open access
  • Open access articles are freely available via the internet and are therefore more widely visible than articles published behind subscription barriers, with some studies suggesting that on average open access articles are twice as likely to be cited.
  • Retaining copyright means that authors can reproduce and distribute their work as they choose, for example on their institution's website.
  • Open access publication benefits the scientific community by making results of research immediately and freely available to all.

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