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Typographical error in Abstract of full manuscript (Brad Geddes, 18 January 2011)

There is a typographical error in the full manuscript version of the Abstract. The last sentence of the Abstract-Results should read: "Additionally, the levels of UCP2 were reduced in the liver of GhrR KO mice relative to WT mice."

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Comment on: Qi et al. BMC Physiology, 11:1

Additional Acknowledgment of Funding (Joseph Hacia, 03 November 2010)

This research was facilitated by NIH/NCRR contract #N02-RR-1-209 to the Alamogordo Primate Facility. read full comment

Comment on: Watkins et al. BMC Physiology, 10:19

Not all mice are created equal! (Sergio Stagnaro, 03 December 2009)

In spite of the fact that mice and men are really different, I cannot agree with article's conclusion, that sounds: "It is concluded from the present work that chronic exposure to either the leaded or the unleaded gasoline vapours impaired the levels of monoamine neurotransmitters and other biochemical parameters in different brain areas and modulated several behavioural aspects related to aggression in rats". In fact, there is a fundamental bias in such as study: like all others creatures, mice are not created equal! Whatever environmental risk factor can act exclusively when a specific INHERITED Real Risk is present, as it happens in diabetes, CVD, cancer (1-10). This Inherited Real Risk can be bedside recognized due to the relative, local, microcirculatory remodelling, characterized... read full comment

Comment on: Kinawy BMC Physiology, 9:21

Correction to this article (Akira Kato, 06 November 2009)

In the legend to Figure 1, scale bars represent "100 mm" instead of "50 mm". read full comment

Comment on: Kato et al. BMC Physiology, 5:18

Author Contact Change (Noel Kim, 23 September 2009)

Please note that the contact information for the first author has changed. New contact info:

Noel N. Kim, PhD
6330 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite 102
San Diego, CA 92121 read full comment

Comment on: Kim et al. BMC Physiology, 6:4