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  • Image attributed to: Abbas et al

    Temperature tracking for neonates

    Infrarred Termography Tracking can assist neonatologists in interpreting skin patterns in neonates, tracking can be robust over well calibrated thermography frames and for lesser jerkymovements of the neonate.

    BMC Medical Imaging 2014, 14:9
  • Image attributed to: Li et al 2014

    Fungal infections disguised as neoplasms

    Synovial biopsy and culture remain the most effective methods to diagnose chronic coccidiodomycosis infections presenting as arthritis, chronic fungal infections can mimic osseous neoplasms by imaging

    BMC Medical Imaging 2014, 14:8
  • Image attributed to: Elin Tr?g?rdh et al. 2014

    Variability in observed areas of ischemia

    Physicians should be aware of the large differences between different physicians and different software packages when giving the amount of ischemic myocardium to the referring physician.

    BMC Medical Imaging 2014, 14:5


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