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  • Image attributed to: UN WOMEN Pacific, FlickR, cc 2.0

    What do you know about TB?

    In Solomon Islands, an educational DVD translated into the local language helped raising awareness on tuberculosis via strong engagement of the community.

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2015, 15:1
  • Image attributed to: Naval Surface Warriors, FlickR, CC 2.0

    Delivery options and birth registrations

    In Indonesia, delivering in hospitals leads to higher birth registration rates, underlying the great potential of health services in promoting child legal rights.

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2014, 14:306
  • Image attributed to: United States Mission Geneva, FlickR, CC 2.0

    Normative science for global health

    Including rigorous normative science in global health research might be the way to foster communication among researchers and facilitate advances in the field.

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2014, 14:36



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