BMC Ecology image competition winner, 2015


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  • Image attributed to: Antje Thomas

    Hitchhiking worms and slug vectors

    Small nematodes can be ferried over distances by slugs and other small invertebrates, surviving in the gut and being excreted, allowing them to travel to short-lived food sources.

    BMC Ecology 2015, 15:19
  • Image attributed to: CC Tanaka Juuyoh

    Flower defense

    Behavioral bioassays and chemical analysis of volatile compounds show that the developmental stage of plants can have an effect on the attraction of parasitoid herbivores.

    BMC Ecology 2015, 15:17
  • Image attributed to: Caroline Fox

    New interaction between species found

    Remote camera capture and biological sample study identify an ecological, marine-terrestrial interaction between American black bears and Pacific herring during spawn events.

    BMC Ecology 2015, 15:14
  • Image attributed to: CC Rolf Thoresen

    Brains and kin of urban birds

    No significant effect of brain size is seen on the ability of a bird species to become urbanized, with greater influence seen from the density of bird populations surrounding cities.

    BMC Ecology 2015, 15:12
  • Image attributed to:

    Endangered coral successfully propagated

    The reproductive behavior of the threatened Caribbean pillar coral species Dendrogyra cylindrus is elucidated and the conditions for successful fertilization are described, adding value knowledge to conservation efforts.

    BMC Ecology 2015, 15:9
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