Figure 2.

Melanogenesis. Network of interaction among the molecules related to Melanogenes using STRING ( webcite) obtained from different methods, including joint and separate analysis based on FA+LDA (combination of factor analysis and linear discriminant analysis) and HC+SAM (combination of hierarchical clustering and SAM). (a) Joint approach (FA+LDA) and (b)Separate approach (FA+LDA) are from the joint and separate analyses based on FA+LDA methods, respectively. The loss of connectivity due to the lack of molecules CTNNB1 and GSK3B in the separate analysis corresponds to a loss of information related to the Wnt signaling pathway which is of utmost relevance in melanocyte differentiation and melanoma onset. (c) Joint approach (HC+SAM) and (d) Separate approach (HC+SAM) illustrate the results from the joint and separate analyses based on HC+SAM methods, respectively. Similarly to the FA+LDA methods, joint analysis shows better performance than the separate analysis since the latter is not able to identify the key factor TYR for melanogenesis. Overall, regarding melanogenesis, FA+LDA methods outperforms HC+SAM, and the joint analysis is more informative than the separate analysis. Joint analysis based on FA+LDA only is able to uncover the emergent melanogenesis process in melanoma.

Liu et al. BMC Systems Biology 2013 7:14   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-7-14
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