Figure 5.

Effects of SMX on C. elegans folates and folate-dependent functions. A) SMX causes a dose-dependent decrease in C. elegans 5-methylTHFGlu5 levels. Data shown are from three biological replicates. B) Methotrexate induces slowed development, sterility and uncoordination in nuc-1 mutant worms but 128 μg/ml SMX has no effect. Pictures were taken three days after egg-laying. C) 16 and 128 μg/ml SMX have no effect on development time, egg-laying schedule or total brood size of N2 worms raised at 25°C. Control (number of animals = 15), 16 μg/ml SMX (n = 18), 128 μg/ml SMX (n = 17). Error bars are ± standard deviation.

Virk et al. BMC Biology 2012 10:67   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-67
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