Table 1

Characteristics of the short and long self-regulation loops derived from 21 interviews with GP-trainees
Short loop Long loop
Context GP practice GP practice, occasionally linked to formal training
Duration Short period of time(during consultation / 1 week at most) Longer period of time
Monitoring During consultation signaling lack of knowledge or partial knowledge During or after consultation by looking back to earlier recurring or complex problems, sometimes based on external assessments or assignments on learning goals
Domains Minor ailmentsProblems requiring visual observation (e.g. skin problems) or immediate action (e.g. shoulder injection). Medication/prescriptionMedical Guidelines Complex problems (e.g. suspected child abuse, cardiac problems, asthmatic problems,.) Recurring problems (e.g. interviewing psychological patients) Organizational problems (e.g. time management) Communication skills
Activities Singular Multiple
Assessment Confidence (based on own feeling, confirmation by patient outcomes or the supervisor) Confidence (based on own feeling, confirmation by patient outcomes, the supervisor, mentors or peers), sometimes based on results of external assessments
Documenting learning Memory, post-it notes, patient record or no documentation Memory, post-it notes, patient record or no documentation, sometimes documentation in learning portfolio

Sagasser et al.

Sagasser et al. BMC Medical Education 2012 12:67   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-12-67

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