Table 6

Comparison of Doppler sonography and magnetic resonance venography (combined as the "gold standard/benchmark") for the detection of abnormal findings in the internal jugular veins and in azygos vein/vertebral veins using other invasive imaging techniques
DS + MRV # of positive cases Noninvasive and invasive imaging modalities # of positive cases Total # of cases Sensitivity
IJV right 19 CV IJV right 11 20 57.9
IVUS IJV right 10 52.6
CV + IVUS IJV right 13 68.4
IJV left 20 CV IJV left 14 19 73.7
IVUS IJV left 15 18 83.3
CV + IVUS IJV left 18 18 NA*
IJVs total 20 CV IJV total 17 20 85
IVUS IJV total 18 90
CV + IVUS IJV total 20 NA*
VVs total 8 CV azygos total 10 20 25
IVUS azygos total 17 87.5
CV + IVUS azygos total 18 87.5

Legend: IJV(s) - internal jugular vein(s); VVs - vertebral veins; MRV - magnetic resonance venography; CV - catheter venography; IVUS - intravascular ultrasound.

Nineteen and18 patients successfully obtained CV and IVUS in the left IJV, respectively (because of difficulty to access with the wire). All 20 patients successfully obtained other noninvasive and invasive examinations in the explored vein territories. Therefore, for the left IJVs comparisons with CV and IVUS, only data from 19 and 18 patients were used.

*The SPSS does not provide an estimate of odds ratio or its confidence interval whenever there is a zero count in the contingency table. Instead, it returns an estimate of relative risk. Therefore those results are reported as "not available".

Zivadinov et al.

Zivadinov et al. BMC Neurology 2013 13:151   doi:10.1186/1471-2377-13-151

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