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Floral gene resources from basal angiosperms for comparative genomics research

Victor A Albert, Douglas E Soltis, John E Carlson, William G Farmerie, P Kerr Wall, Daniel C Ilut, Teri M Solow, Lukas A Mueller, Lena L Landherr, Yi Hu, Matyas Buzgo, Sangtae Kim, Mi-Jeong Yoo, Michael W Frohlich, Rafael Perl-Treves, Scott E Schlarbaum, Barbara J Bliss, Xiaohong Zhang, Steven D Tanksley, David G Oppenheimer, Pamela S Soltis, Hong Ma, Claude W dePamphilis and James H Leebens-Mack*

BMC Plant Biology 2005, 5:5  doi:10.1186/1471-2229-5-5

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