Figure 4.

Distribution of common, CT and C highly modulated transcripts into 18 GO functional categories. Transport: GO:0006810; Transcription: GO:0006350; Signal Transduction: GO:0007165; Secondary Metabolic Process: GO:0019748; Response to Stress: GO:0006950; Response to Hormone Stimulus: GO:0009725; Protein Metabolic Process: GO:0019538; Nucleic Acid Metabolic Process: GO:0090304; Nitrogen Compound Metabolic Process: GO:0006807; Lipid Metabolic Process: GO:0006629; Hormone Metabolic Process: GO:0042445; Generation of precursor metabolites and energy: GO:0006091; Developmental Process: GO:0032502; Cellular Process: GO:0009987; Cellular Homeostasis: GO:0019725; Cellular amino acid and derivative metabolic process: GO:0006519; Cell wall organization or biogenesis: GO:0071554; Carbohydrate metabolic process: GO: 0005975. Percentages were calculated on the total number of modulated genes for each dataset.

Pastore et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:631   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-631
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