Figure 3.

The schematic graph of eight repeats of the four-gene block on chromosome 1 and one on chromosome 2 in V. vulnificus CMCP6. Each arrow represents the four-protein block (NT01VV0474-0477), (NT01VV0913-0915, NT01VV0917), (NT01VV0920-0923), (NT01VV0964-0966, NT01VV0968), (NT01VV1054-1051), (NT01VV1158-1155), (NT01VV1365-1362), and (NT01VV1440-1437) on chromosome 1, and (NT01VVA1444-1442, 1440) on chromosome 2. NT01VV0474, NT01VV0913, NT01VV0920, NT01VV0964, NT01VV1054, NT01VV1158, NT01VV1365, NT01VV1440, and NT01VVA1444 are hypothetical cell wall-associated hydrolases, while the other proteins are conserved hypothetical proteins with unknown function.

Gu et al. BMC Genomics 2009 10(Suppl 1):S11   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-10-S1-S11