Figure 6.

IFNX alignment. The coding region, minus the predicted signal peptide, for the three predicted IFNX genes are denoted by their GLEAN numbers (24314 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:2633], 24310 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:2546], and 24316 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:2733]) and are aligned with bovine IFNA [Genbank:DQ396807]. The mature coding sequence of the three potentially expressed IFNX genes differs as follows 164 amino acids (aa) for Glean 24310, 163 aa for Glean 24314, and 124 aa for 24316. Conserved cysteine residues form disulfide bonds in IFNA between positions 1→99 and 29→139 and are shown in yellow. Glean 24316 has an early stop codon that eliminates the second disulfide bond, but both Glean 24314 and Glean 24310 encode these conserved residues. Regions strongly associated with receptor binding in IFNA, or interferon receptor recognition peptides (IRRP), are boxed in blue.

Walker and Roberts BMC Genomics 2009 10:187   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-10-187
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