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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Welcome to our Microbiology page where we highlight our most recent content, including articles and collections, as selected by our Editors. Read the latest content across our BMC and Springer Nature portfolios.

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Pluripotent Stem Cells

This unique multi-journal collection includes research and perspectives on the topic of pluripotent stem cells. Ranging from journals focusing on cell death, epigenetics, stem cell therapy and cell signaling, this interdisciplinary collection features articles new and old which reflect the recent trends in this field of research. 

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Showcasing China

This new web focus from Cell Death & Differentiation, Cell Death & Disease and Cell Death Discovery highlights some of the latest research from China in the related fields covered by those journals, including cell death, stem cells, autophagy, and tumor biology.

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Featured Journals

BMC Biochemistry

12858​​​​​​​BMC Biochemistry is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of biochemical processes, including the structure, function and dynamics of metabolic pathways, supramolecular complexes, enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids and small molecular components of organelles, cells and tissues. Learn More

BMC Molecular Biology

12867-BMC Molecular BiologyBMC Molecular Biology is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in all aspects of DNA and RNA in a cellular context, encompassing investigations of chromatin, replication, recombination, mutation, repair, transcription, translation and RNA processing and function. Learn More

Cell & Bioscience

​​​​​​​13578Cell & Bioscience, the official journal of the Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America, is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that encompasses all areas of life science research. Learn more

Cell Communication and Signaling

12964Cell Communication and Signaling is an open access journal that encompasses all basic and translational aspects of cellular communications and signaling pathways in normal and pathological conditions.  Learn More

Cell Division

13008Cell Division is an open access, peer-reviewed journal, which publishes articles in areas including, but not limited to, molecular aspects of cell cycle control and cancer, cell growth, proliferation, survival, differentiation, signalling, gene transcription, protein synthesis, genome integrity, chromosome stability, centrosome duplication, DNA damage and DNA repair. Learn more​​​​​​​

Call for Papers: Chemical Proteomics

Chemical (2)Proteomics is a relatively new field of research that evolved from electrophoresis and the desire to investigate proteins on a genome-wide basis.  More recently the development of Chemical Proteomics marks the crossing of proteomics into the discipline of chemistry and is quickly becoming an integrated research engine that bridges the hurdle of identifying protein targets of biologically active small molecules with unknown modes of action. 

Proteome Science highlights the emergence of this new and dynamic field with a special issue focused on chemical proteomics methods and their applications. Read more

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All BMC articles are published on the open access model. All articles are free to read, copy, distribute, and use (providing attribution is given).

BMC Biochemistry

BMC Molecular Biology

Clinical Proteomics 

Protein & Cell

Proteome Science

Lipids in Health and Disease          

Bioresources and Bioprocessing 

Algorithms for Molecular Biology

Cell & Bioscience

Cell Communication and Signaling

Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters

Cell Division


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