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    Neighborhood effects on diabetes-related health outcomes

    A study of health outcomes in adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus suggests that food insecurity, neighborhood activities, aesthetics, and social support may be important targets for intervention.

    BMC Health Services Research 2015, 15:445
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    Health status before transfer to adult health services

    A cohort study of young people with long term conditions transferring to adult services emphasizes the similarities and differences between groups and highlights that this period coincides with development of identity and increasing healthcare awareness.

    BMC Health Services Research 2015, 15:435
  • Image attributed to: Flickr by ResoluteSupportMedia

    Association between nighttime discharge and mortality

    A cohort study indicates that one in five critically ill patients are discharged from the ICU at nighttime and this discharge was independently associated with increased in-hospital mortality but not increased length of stay or readmission.

    BMC Health Services Research 2015, 15:378
  • Image attributed to: Flickr by COD Newsroom

    Effectiveness of the intermediate care hospital 

    An observational study suggests that patients with access to an intermediate care hospital use fewer hospital days and have a similar primary health care utilization as those from a municipality without intermediate care. 

    BMC Health Services Research 2015, 15:351
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    Accuracy and completeness of patient pathways

    Probabilistic assessment of morbidity and mortality records suggests data linkage quality in large scale linkage remains high despite a lack of stringent manual quality review procedures which can be extremely costly on such datasets.

    BMC Health Services Research 2015, 15:312

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Marie-Pierre Gagnon

Marie-Pierre Gagnon, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at Laval University and researcher at the Quebec University Hospital Centre, Canada. She is also Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Technologies and Practices in Health. Her research program focuses on the use of scientific evidence to support the implementation of technological innovations, particularly Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the health care system. Her other research interests include patient and public involvement in Health Technology Assessment and other health care decisions, the study of individual, professional and organisational determinants of ICT adoption and integration in the health care system, and best practices in knowledge translation and application.

"Health services research needs to improve its knowledge base in order to better inform decisions, based on international knowledge sharing and the development of appropriate methods that account for the complexity of interventions for changing practices and policies. BMC Health Services Research is an open and transparent source for sharing this knowledge with the global health services research community."

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