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Cardiovascular regeneration series in Stem Cell Research & Therapy

Stem Cell Research & Therapy has issued a call for research submissions for inclusion in a thematic series on cardiovascular regeneration, edited by Ronald Li.

The series will review the current state-of-the-art stem cell-based approaches for disease modelling, drug discovery and myocardial repair, as well as the associated hurdles and potential solutions. Authors of commissioned reviews include Kenneth Boheler (National Institutes of Health, USA), Steve Oh (BTI, Singapore) and Sean Wu (Stanford University).

Manuscripts should be submitted online, please indicate in the covering letter that they should be considered for the cardiovascular regeneration series. Any enquiries should be directed to the Stem Cell Research & Therapy editorial office.

Regenerative Medicine Research: a new journal

Regenerative Medicine Research is a new journal that welcomes submissions relating to both the fundamental and practical aspects of regenerative medicine, with a particular emphasis on translational research.

Edited by Y. James Kang, the journal encourages papers from both basic and applied sciences, including the large field of biomedical research in which chronic diseases have become an increasingly prominent area of research, and regenerative medicine has become the first answer of choice.

Manuscripts can be submitted via the online submission system and pre-submission enquiries should be sent to

Hot topics

Stem cell niche


Influencing the secretion of myogenic factors from mesenchymal stem cells


Smith LR

Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2014, 5:96

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Tissue engineering

Research article

Effects of initial boost with TGF-beta 1 and grade of intervertebral disc degeneration on 3D culture of human annulus fibrosus cells

Hegewald AA, Cluzel J, Krüger JP, Endres M, Kaps C and Thomé C

Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2014, 9:73

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miR-19a acts as an oncogenic microRNA and is up-regulated in bladder cancer

Feng Y, Liu J, Kang Y, He Y, Liang B, Yang P and Yu Z

Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 2014, 33:67

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