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    Quantifying benefits and harms

    Randomized trials are not always the best way to ascertain the benefit of medical interventions; Milo Puhan and colleagues argue that quantitative benefit-herm assessments should be used to guide further research, discussing rofilumast as an example. 

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:157
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    The airway microbiome and respiratory disease

    Benjamin Marsland and Olawale Salami discuss how advances in understanding the airway microbiome and its link to disease is changing the respiratory disease field and generating new leads for therapy.

    Genome Medicine 2015, 7:62
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    Anti-PCSK9 antibodies improve lipid ratios

    In a systematic review and meta-analysis, anti-PCSK9 antibodies reduce LDL cholesterol, increase HDL cholesterol, and are well-tolerated, suggesting that these drugs have a beneficial effect on lipid profiles and could reduce cardiovascular risk.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:123
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    Branching out in lung development

    The tumour suppressor APC plays a critical role in cancer growth, largely through its negative regulation of the Wnt pathway. Shi and colleagues investigate the role of APC in mesenchymal cells in the developing lung, and find surprising results in both the breadth and downstream effects of APC’s dysregulation.

    BMC Biology 2015, 13:42
  • Cancer therapy response

    A single-cell transcriptomic analysis of lung adenocarcinoma patient derived xenografts reveals heterogeneity in the response to anti-cancer drugs

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:127


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