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  • The study investigates the relationship between RANTES polymorphisms and susceptibility to clinical malaria, in a cohort of children living in a malaria-endemic area of Uganda. No clear association was found.
  • The largest set of malarial antibodies included in a single multiplex assay and represents an important step forward in the diagnostics for surveillance across many life stages and species of malarial parasites.
  • This study aims to estimate the current and future impact of large dams on malaria in different eco-epidemiological settings across sub-Saharan Africa. Overall, dams contribute significantly to malaria risk, particularly in areas of unstable transmission, suggesting that additional malaria control measures are required to reduce their impact

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Just published in BMC Public Health: Learning from large scale prevention efforts: findings from Avahan

Launched in 2003 with financial backing from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Avahan is the world's largest HIV prevention programme. This special supplement documents the role of the initiative in the fight against HIV/AIDS in India.

Edited by Lalit Dandona and Eric Benotsch