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  • Image attributed to: Alan Lopez

    Video Q&A: tobacco and mortality

    Alan Lopez, a global health expert and epidemiologist, answers our questions about global burden of tobacco-related mortality, highlighting ways in which countries could apply tobacco control measures to alleviate this burden.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:162
  • Major depressive disorder as an infectious disease

    In a deliberately speculative article, Turhan Canli suggests that major depression may result from microbial infection, illustrating possible pathways by which microorganisms could contribute to its etiology.

    Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders 2014, 4:10
  • Image attributed to: Tietew, Wikimedia Commons

    Emerging picornaviruses in Hong Kong

    Human parechovirus, Aichi virus and salivirus were found in fecal samples from children in Hong Kong with gastroenteritis, providing the first information on the epidemiology of these emerging viruses in this region.

    Virology Journal 2014, 11:182
  • Not all cows are epidemiologically equal

    The authors investigated bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) transmission risk by combining statistical analysis of real serological data from surveyed beef and dairy herds with simulated data from a dynamic model.

    Veterinary Research 2014, 45:110
  • Image attributed to: wikimedia commons

    Limited diversity in AMA 1 malaria antigen

    Antigenic diversity of apical membrane antigen 1 (AMA1) in Plasmodium falciparum malaria is restricted to three alleles, suggesting that a multi-allele vaccine targeting limited AMA1 variants should confer protection against malaria.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:183
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    Treating environmental enteropathy

    William Petri et al. comment on a recent trial showing that an anti-inflammatory drug is safe to treat environmental enteropathy (EE) in malnourished children, and indicate that although preliminary, this approach holds promise for the treatment of EE.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:187
  • House fly genome

    The house fly genome shows that it is genetically adapted to high pathogen loads and living in association with animal waste

    Genome Biology 2014, 15:466
  • Image attributed to: Flickr: Gaulsstin

    Childhood obesity plateau in Ireland high

    With one in four Irish children being overweight or obese, the prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity in the Republic of Ireland is at an unacceptably high level but has reached a plateau and may be falling.

    BMC Public Health 2014, 14:974
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    Intervention improves diet in pregnancy

    In a randomized trial, overweight pregnant women receiving a lifestyle intervention have improved diet and higher levels of physical activity than those given standard care, suggesting that lifestyle advice improves maternal health during pregnancy.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:161
  • Image attributed to: Wikipedia; CDC, Cynthia Goldsmith

    Modelling Ebola transmission

    Gerardo Chowell and Hiroshi Nishiura review the transmission dynamics of Ebola, discussing how modelling can give insight into its spread and the effects of control interventions, and highlighting the need to collect epidemiological data in real-time

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:196
  • Watermelon viruses in the Middle East

    The spread of two begomaviruses through squash and watermelon in the Middle East was tracked genetically, showing a single introduction and frequent migration between countries via a whitefly vector.

    Virology Journal 2014, 11:181
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    Pain management for EB patients

    Kenneth Goldschneider and colleagues present evidence- and consensus-based guidelines for pain management in adult and pediatric patients with epidermolysis bullosa (EB), and provide recommendations for research to improve the evidence base for EB care. 

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:178
  • Image attributed to: Flickr cc, Nonviolent Peaceforce

    Challenges in circumcising a nation

    Rwanda is one of the priority countries in the voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) campaign; here the authors discuss the challenges in reaching the target of 700,000 VMMCs by 2015, along with strategies to overcome these challenges.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:184
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    Measuring waists overestimates adiposity

    Waist circumference (WC) values calculated by self-measurement are higher than those measured objectively, suggesting that overestimation should be taken into account when using self-measured WC as a marker of abdominal adiposity.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:170
  • Influenza susceptibility increased in the lung epithelium of elderly

    The mechanisms of aging increase susceptibility of the distal lung epithelium to influenza infection and delay the lung repair process contributing to the severity of the infection in the elderly.

    Respiratory Research 2014, 15:116

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Just published in BMC Public Health: Learning from large scale prevention efforts: findings from Avahan

Launched in 2003 with financial backing from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Avahan is the world's largest HIV prevention programme. This special supplement documents the role of the initiative in the fight against HIV/AIDS in India.

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