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    Polypharmacy prevalence increasing

    The occurrence of polypharmacy and adverse drug-drug interactions increased substantially between 1995 and 2010, highlighting the growing complexity of drug regimens and the need for prescribing optimization in those with multiple chronic conditions.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:74
  • Recruitment and retention strategies and the examination of attrition bias

    After exceeding sample size requirements in a trial recruiting in disadvantaged areas, the independent factors that were associated with participation were explored; results highlighted the need to assess attrition by socio-economic factors to determine the extent of attrition bias and its impact on the study’s findings.

    Trials 2015, 16:79
  • Recruiting to inpatient-based rehabilitation trials

    Recruitment to clinical trials is often challenging. A multi-center RCT recruiting stroke rehabilitation patients identified that the most successful strategies included using inclusive recruitment, ‘watchful waiting’, and structured engagement with the whole stroke multi-disciplinary team.

    Trials 2015, 16:75
  • Staff’s views of delivering patient-led therapy during in-patient stroke rehabilitation

    Conducting rehabilitation interventions during clinical trials can be difficult; insights from staff delivering a complex rehabilitation intervention revealed key areas for improvement, including building confidence for patient identification and adapting treatments to individuals’ needs.

    Trials 2015, 16:137
  • Brief interventions for alcohol misuse delivered in emergency departments

    Brief interventions for alcohol misuse involve screening and providing feedback to patients, which aim to reduce their alcohol consumption. Brief intervention mechanisms were most influenced by the context, including aspects such as emotional state and severity of alcohol use or injury.

    Systematic Reviews 2015, 4:45


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