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  • Image attributed to: Barbara Bernhardt

    The changing role of genetic counselors

    Barbara Bernhardt explains how advances in clinical genomics are changing the role of genetic counselors by necessitating the communication of increasing amounts of complex information.

    Genome Medicine 2014, 6:49
  • Image attributed to: istock folder (DNA analysis)

    Palmitate induces epigenetic changes

    Exposing pancreatic islet cells to the free fatty acid palmitate results in differential gene expression and epigenetic modifications, which may influence type 2 diabetes risk through impaired insulin secretion in these treated cells.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:103
  • X chromosome imprinting in stem cells

    New insights into the maintenance of gene expression profiles of the inactive paternal X chromosome in extra-embryonic endoderm stem cells.

    Epigenetics & Chromatin 2014, 7:11
  • Image attributed to: Daniel Ocampo Daza-Flickr cc

    Drought stress affects floral development

    Arabidopsis plants subjected to severe drought conditions at the time of flowering display twice as many differentially expressed genes than those suffering moderate drought stress, indicating that different pathways are activated in response to the severity of conditions.

    BMC Plant Biology 2014, 14:164
  • Genomic analysis of mouse breast cancer models

    A novel database of 1,172 mouse mammary tumor samples from 26 different major oncogenic mouse mammary tumor models reveals molecular features of mouse models and their relationships to human breast cancer.

    Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:R59

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