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  • Characterisation of Hendra virus infection

    Hendra virus infection in various cell types was analyzed using super-resolution and conventional imaging, providing novel insights into the structure of this virus.

    Virology Journal 2014, 11:200
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    CT analysis identifies cerebral edema

    Radiographic density of computed tomography (CT) images is correlated with the presence of severe cerebral edema and can differentiate this condition from mild traumatic brain injury, providing a novel approach to detect cerebral edema.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:186
  • Influenza susceptibility increased in the lung epithelium of elderly

    The mechanisms of aging increase susceptibility of the distal lung epithelium to influenza infection and delay the lung repair process contributing to the severity of the infection in the elderly.

    Respiratory Research 2014, 15:116
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    Liver fat score is best to predict NAFLD 

    In a comparison of four non-alcoholic fatty-liver disease (NAFLD) prediction scores, liver fat score (LFS) is the most robust in identifying NAFLD in an American population, suggesting LFS could be used to predict liver-related mortality.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:154
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    Accurate tool for the detection of OC lesions

    Optimally timed computed tomography (CT) is an accurate screening tool for articular osteochondrosis (OC) in piglets, and could potentially be used in screening and selection against OC through development of future selection techniques based on genetic screening against heritable OC.

    BMC Veterinary Research 2014, 10:212

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