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  • This article is a key demonstration of the efficacy of methylene blue against three different types of malaria in three different animal models.
  • Describes anti-malarial activity of tigecycline, a new derivative of tetracycline class of antibiotics, showing promising activityin vitro and in vivo in combination with CQ.
  • In this video Q&A, we interview Sir Ian Gilmore on the global burden of alcohol in terms of its scale and consequences relating to illness, and discuss the strategies that are addressing the problem.
  • An interesting study which contributes to better understanding of biological and epidemiological aspects of malaria infection in chimpanzees.Research provides evidence that susceptibility to malaria infection increases during chimpanzee pregnancy and addresses a substantial question on chimpanzee populations' fitness and conservation.
  • Development of a flow cytometry assay to quantify infected red cells in the presence of leukocytes and capable of discriminating between life/dead cells. The authors show that the assay does better than previously developed assays when it comes to discriminating early ring stages from uninfected red cells.
  • Comparaison of he accuracy of malaria diagnosis by microscopy with real-time PCR. Based on SYBR Green PCR: a high frequency of mixed P. falciparum/P. vivax infections and P. ovale infections was observed that had been missed by microscopy.

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Research article

HIV prevalence in the Israeli tuberculosis cohort, 1999-2011

Zohar M, Moshe L, Daniel C, Noa C and Itamar G

BMC Public Health 2014, 14:1090

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Examination of the genetic basis for sexual dimorphism in the Aedes aegypti (dengue vector mosquito) pupal brain

Tomchaney M, Mysore K, Sun L, Li P, Emrich SJ, Severson DW and Duman-Scheel M

Biology of Sex Differences 2014, 5:10

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Competitive molecular docking approach for predicting estrogen receptor subtype α agonists and antagonists

Ng HW, Zhang W, Shu M, Luo H, Ge W, Perkins R, Tong W and Hong H

BMC Bioinformatics 2014, 15(Suppl 11):S4

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