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  • Image attributed to: Flickr by Alisha Vargas

    Dried blood spot sampling accurately measures glycated haemoglobin A1c

    HbA1c measured from dried blood spot samples collected via finger pricking provided results that were comparable to those obtained from venous samples and measured by standard procedures.

    BMC Clinical Pathology 2015, 15:13
  • Image attributed to: From Fig 2 Griffin and colleagues

    De novo lipogenesis and insulin resistance

    A lipidomic study links lipodystrophy to relative increases in triglycerides associated with de novo lipogenesis, and suggests lipodomics as a useful biomarker of insulin resistance.

    Genome Medicine 2015, 7:63
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    Primate genomics: reading between the lines

    As our evolutionary closest relatives, non-human primates represent an important model for human disease research. Here, Friemer and colleagues report the first genome-wide resource for non-human primate linkage studies.

    BMC Biology 2015, 13:41
  • Are DLA-DQB1 and CTLA4 behind Cocker spaniel susceptibility to IMHA?

    Cocker spaniels are susceptible to immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia (IMHA), where red blood cells are destroyed by antibodies produced by the immune system. Are genes DLA-DQB1 and CTLA4 involved?

    Canine Genetics and Epidemiology 2015, 2:8
  • Image attributed to: Pulmonary tuberculosis - iStock

    Is diabetes linked to TB risk? 

    In a cohort study on over 1 million patients in the UK, diabetes is only moderately linked to tuberculosis risk, indicating that screening for latent TB is unnecessary in the majority of the population, and should focus on undertreated patients. 

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:135


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