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  • HER2 heterogeneous cancer

    An analysis of HER2 heterogeneous breast cancers reveals an important role of the HER2 negative component of the HER2 positive tumors

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:107
  • Image attributed to: From Fig 5 Dvinge and Bradley

    Intron retention in cancer

    Abnormal RNA splicing is a common characteristic of cancers and suggests  that intron-containing mRNAs contribute to the transcriptional diversity of many cancers

    Genome Medicine 2015, 7:45
  • Partial protein domains

    Partial protein domains are characterized, and are found to be largely alignment or annotation artifacts

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:99
  • Autism in women with eating disorders

    Do women with eating disorders who have social and flexibility difficulties really have autism? This case series raises the alarm in relation to potential under-/misdiagnosis or diagnostic 'overshadowing' in females with autism.

    Molecular Autism 2015, 6:6
  • HaploShare

    HaploShare is a method for identification of extended haplotypes shared by cases and for comparison against controls

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:92

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Hot topics

Cancer biomarkers

Research article

Discovering transnosological molecular basis of human brain diseases using biclustering analysis of integrated gene expression data

Cha K, Hwang T, Oh K and Yi GS

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2015, 15(Suppl 1):S7

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Research article

Single-molecule sequencing reveals the molecular basis of multidrug-resistance in ST772 methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Steinig EJ, Andersson P, Harris SR, Sarovich DS, Manoharan A, Coupland P, Holden MTG, Parkhill J et al.

BMC Genomics 2015, 16:388

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Clinical proteomics

Research article

Autoantibodies in breast cancer sera are not epiphenomena and may participate in carcinogenesis

Madrid FF, Maroun MC, Olivero OA, Long M, Stark A, Grossman LI, Binder W, Dong J et al.

BMC Cancer 2015, 15:407

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